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Car Hacks and Mods for Dummies.


A book dedicated to car modification


A hands-on guide for the novice who wants to boost a car's performance. Beefing up a car today usually involves hacking its computerized ECU (engine control unit).


This expert guide walks the first-time modifier through programming the ECU for maximum performance, choosing and installing aftermarket electronic devices, and making physical modifications. It covers legal implications, warranties, costs, and more.


Turn the car you have into the car you want with auto modification.


Here's how to get faster acceleration, shorter stopping, better handling, and more.


Ever wish you'd been invited to the design and engineering meetings when your car was being created? Well, here's how to add what they forgot and change what bugs you! This handy guide steers you safely past warranty pitfalls, shows you what modifications are legal, provides performance tips, and helps you make your car look cool.


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